Roblox Xbox One Error Code 901 And 914

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If you play Roblox on Xbox One may experience error code 901 or 914. You can ask to Roblox admins about this issue to get more info, but I am also here will share a little how to fix that error so you can play game smoothly.

Currently the ROBLOX has been working hard to improve the experience on various consoles and devices one of which is Xbox. Great products will continue to be launched and perfected.

roblox xbox one error code 901 and 904

How to fix Xbox One error code 901 and 914

I received an email from one of the fans of my blog about that case:

After my son download Roblox on Xbox and sign in with his account then appears a popup “error code 914, make sure the settings on Xbox age properly“. I’ve tried to fix it by performing the requested settings but still can not login to Roblox game. Then I try to sign up new roblox account and sign in then got a message “error code 901″ because I still play on PC or tablet so it can not play in XBox One.

Problem Solving

The problem is if someone try to link two Roblox account (Xbox & PC/Tablet) with different birthday. Make sure set your same birth date for both accounts, so the error message will not appear again.

Oh yeah, I have good news that the Microsoft Xbox officialy already gives passed certification for ROBLOX. This means you can play any game on Xbox One without a lag, problem and get any advanced features on every updates.

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      my roblox account never asked for an age!

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      How co sort the 901 error code put

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      I CAN FIX IT

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      Please help I receive error code901

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      I need help with error code 901

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      Help with error code 901


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