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Hi, are you lucky today? After yesterday I completed Roblox High School, this time I was walking the way in Forum and Youtube, there are so many new things that I get, currently I am working with Indian people, there are so many interesting things that we can, there are some projects Studio with him, when I monitor the Forum, there are so many questions about Roblox name that character answers, well here I will give you a little information about this.

The first I will give examples of character names;

1. Character

Tails, Poof, Trixy, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Jimmy, Carl,Sheen, Johnny Test, Bling Bling Boy, Dukey, Mary and Susan Test, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Jake, Finn, Pit, Lucas, Ness, Sonic, Jimmy, Timmy, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Rigby, Mordecai, Water, 1Dev2, TheFurryFox, Jason, Freddy, LOL WUT, Luigi,Mario, Skips, Benson, Muscleman, Pops, Nyan Cat, Fire Domo, Brown Domo, Lightning Domo, Deer Domo, Golden Domo, Shoop Da Whoop, Builderman, Telamon, Guest, Zombie, Uncle Sam, Knife, Gun, TheGamer101, Spyro372, Lava, Waluigi, Batman, Spiderman, Eminem, One Piece, Fail, Jack, JigSaw.

2. Colors

Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black , Purple, Brown, Gray, Gold, White.

3. Mario Character

Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Wario, Princess Peach.

4. Domos

White Domo, Brown Domo, Green Domo, Super Domo, Roblox Domo, Black Domo, Police Domo, Miner Domo, Girl Domo, Banana Domo, Karate Domo, Ninja Domo.

5. Animals

Zebra, Donkey, Elephant, Monkey, Dog, Frog, Bear, Giraffe, Lion, Rabbit, Fox, Crocodile, Mouse, Snake, Turtle, Wolf, Camel, Fish, Cat, Panda, Squirrel, Horse, Pig, Tiger, Skunk, Whale, Shark.

6. Foods

Coffe ( he spelled it wrong), French Fries, Coke, Pizza, Popcorn, Chicken, Turkey, Cheese Burger, Hotdog, Eggs, Cheese, Bread, Carrot, Banana, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Tomato.

7. Spongebob Characters

Spongebob, Sandy, Mr.Krabs, Patrick, Plankton, Gary , Squidward.

The name of the character name is a lot, you can see the example above, this information I get in Roblox forum, there are so many interesting things, about the name of the character name, even the commotion of group members. :D.

You can watch the videos that I inserted in this article, there are four videos above, the duration is different, and the channel is different, you can watch it while drinking hot tea, or hot chocolate, like I was discussing with my partner india. If you need other information, you can browse it in the Forum, Youtube and many more, you can dig up some information about this, and thank you for taking the time to read this article, forgive me always extend the sentence, your most importantly creative and innovative, there Many things you can roam in Roblox, there are many things you can also make in Roblox, use your imagination, you are cool. Above is the information about the character’s name on Roblox, do not forget to spend your hot chocolate guys! I will eat oreo and kitkat first. See you in the next article.

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