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Hi robloxs fans! My friend in the Ukraine called it роблокс. Before you download roblox, player have to sign up and sign in first to Roblox currently very popular and much discussed than other online virtual worlds because this computer game based MMO (massive multiplayer online). The most preferred is roblox player able to design / create their own game environments and share games to all members of society to join in it.

You can install Roblox in flatform Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS also Android devices.

How to Install Roblox in Windows

1. Run the RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe (ROBLOX Installer)

2. Please follow the instructions of installation until finish.

Roblox software automatically detect the operating system used on your computer, so roblox send the correct version.

Roblox Installation will take some minutes, just wait..

It will install plug-in in your web browser, so you can play Roblox games and Roblox Studio (a program to make/design a roblox game)

roblox install 2

3. After installation finish, Open then select a game as you want to play.

roblox games

How to Install Roblox in Max OS X

1. Download Roblox then click on the ‘Download Now!’ button.

roblox download

Roblox will detect type of your Operating Sytem, so it send the correct version.

2. On Mac downloads drectory, open file Roblox.dmg (double click)

install roblox download

3. In the RobloxPlayer window, drag file into your Applications directory.

install roblox download 2

install roblox download 3

4. In applications directory, open

As usual, installation need some minutes to complete.

5. Done! let’s play at


  • To install roblox on iOS like iPhone, get on App Store
  • For Android found at Google Playstore

If you have more info about roblox 2 please tell me via comment below. thanks.

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