Roblox Download For Windows 10

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Roblox download now available for Windows 10, you can get it at Windows Store. Maybe if you only see at a glance, this game is similar to Minecraft, But Roblox in contrast to Minecraft because I think the Roblox has a more varied gameplay compared to Minecraft.

For those of you who don’t know, Roblox is the best place to play games or imagine a game with friends (roblox player). With users (online game), the largest, and more than 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens. You know that I’m with my friends play it everyday after school and it’s very fun to create and enjoy new adventures, play games, role play, learn anything, etc.

For you who are curious like what it Roblox, just check out the trailer below:

In Roblox there are so many games ranging from playing paintball with friends, explore the galaxy, Battle pirates and many others. There are hundreds even thousands of games that you can play in Roblox, and also you can create your own game using Roblox Studio builder kit.

Roblox game you can install and download it for free, however, some items in the game can also be purchased with real money called Robux (roblox currency). And also required an internet connection to play.

So go ahead, for those of you who want to try this game, you can look it directly in the Windows Store, or you can use the following link to download it.

Download Roblox on Windows Store

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