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I don’t like some robux generator sites because they are not real, robloxs must pass through endless surveys, it’s make me up set! so do you?

Now I will give you tips officially from how to get robux no survey.

Robux Roblox

As we know Robux is the primary online money (currency) to buy anything on roblox games.

Here the hints to earn ROBUX:

  1. Login to roblox then become member in the Builders Club which pay you daily with Robux (stipend).
  2. As a member of Builder Club you can sell shirts, pants also place access to earn Robux 70% of sales.
  3. The fastest is paid to buy Robux officially at robux org.
  4. Although you are not Builders Club member, everyone able to sell ‘game passes’ to earn Robux. The different is Non members only get profit 10% of sales while members of BC by 70% of profit. Learn about game passes from roblox wiki here.
  5. If you a develover just join in Developer Attribution to get earnings.
  6. Mobile Ads is one of smart method for developers to collect Robux.
  7. Affiliate program is great for ROBUX and it’s available for everyone (Members or Non Members of Builder Club). See here to join as a affiliate.

With this site, I hope more people will sign up roblox. Roblox game is very fun, I play every day after school.

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    There are many ways to get Robux.
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    In Roblox, Roblox Studio is available to
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