How To Get Free Gear Codes For Roblox Games

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OK, let’s get this Roblox codes, I got from my 2 friends.
This is a shortcut way to use items like sword, laser hand, a gun, etc by using a code (item ID)

1. Go to a gear in Catalog

roblox gear

for an example I select a Roblox Gear namely ‘Sword of the Bright Knight”

2. Go to you address bar on the browser and look were it say -item?id= then it will have numbers

roblox gear 2

3. Just copy that number ID then go to admin game. Get admin, say: gear me then the numbers by holding CTRL then hit V.

roblox gear 3

roblox gear 4

roblox gear 5

Very simple, isn’t it? Just try it and please comment.

    Roblox Btools Script Pastebin
    Roblox Btools Script Pastebin
    If you are looking for Roblox Btools
    Roblox Math.noise
    Roblox Math.noise
    Roblox Math Noise is the term to
    For those who like playing a game
    Rbx Belzebass Codes
    Rbx Belzebass Codes
    Vehicle Simulator is one of the games
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      Give me codes and robux I want to get for the game

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      Hi I love this web its awesome

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