How To Verify Your Email On ROBLOX

In Basic

After you sign up on Roblox, should verify your email for important purposes. Although you can play games without it, but I think a lot of the features of will be emailed to roblox player, for example another case if you want to join the Builders Club your account should verified by a valid email.

Another benefit is if your roblox account got hacked by someone and to restore or reset the password requires confirmation from registered email.

To verify your e-mail on Roblox there are 2 methods:

1. via Account Settings

Login to go to settings menu

verify roblox email

Just update your email address and click Save.

verify roblox email 2

You will receive an email confirmation from 

verify roblox email 3

Click on that verification link and done. Your account has been verified now.

2. by sending email to Roblox Staff

You can verify your account by sending an email to Roblox’s Email:

Here’s an example what you have to write to them:

I would like to verify my son/daughter’s email

Username: ICTResearch301
Birthday: November 5 1998

Kindly Regards,
Your Name

Wait for a reply from them. Ok. see you.

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