How To Recover Your Roblox Forgotten Password

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It’s easy to sign up and sign in from beginning but unfortunately when you have to start the game from beginning profile if someone hacked roblox your account, so your lost the password.

Relax, if it happens I have a solution! You do not need to re-download roblox but just follow my instructions below.

Here how to recover your forgotten Password on Roblox…

Well in my case I know my password but this is some methods how to open your account on Roblox again.

First rule was: you must put your original e-mail address
Second rule was: connect your account to your facebook account
Third rule was: if your account was hacked… if the hacker changed your password before he changed the e-mail you still have a bit chances of recovering your account.

Well here’s how…

Go to then put your username or just click login with facebook.

By the way you all see my Password on the bar note “that password was incorrect”. Now, let’s try! but remember if you didn’t connect your facebook to your account, you second choice was your email.

recover roblox password

Now, I accessed my account using facebook connect button,

recover roblox password 2

I will log out again and let’s try the email password reverting.

I am using gmail. By the way if you forgot your password “new one” you need to click the email sent by Roblox.

recover roblox password 3

Check that email and read it.

An example:

We nocticed that the password changed for your ROBLOX account:ICTResearch301
If someone else changed it by mistake, please click this link to undo the action: click on the link provided to revert the password to the previous one then you will be redirected to the link to put your new password.

Note: this will only worked if someone changed the password before the email.

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