How To Publish / Create A Game On

In Basic

Here I show new updates on because many asked me how they publish games, make games and of course Roblox is updating so often.

Follow these steps to make a game and publish it:

1. Open up

2. Then do roblox sign in or make a new account if you not yet sign up

3. Go to the developer page on the blue bar at the top of the screen
– Here you will see all of the things you have created.
– You will have access to make games active/inactive.

How to Publish / Create a Game on

4. Choose the game you want to be active on Roblox

5. Press the button that says “Inactive” and it will turn green and say “Active” this means your game is now on Roblox and every roblox player can access it.

publish roblox games error

If you get that, it means you messed with the game like I did destroyed the starting place, this can be fixed.

So this is how you publish your roblox games with the easy way!

    Roblox Windowed Mode
    Roblox Windowed Mode
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