How to Play Roblox on Android

In Basic

I think you’ve got some basic info from me about how to download Roblox for various devices, especially for platforms Windows and Mac OS X. Well, this time I make special tutorial for beginners how to download, install and play Roblox on android devices.

Now these game was once only on a desktop or computer. Fans of ROBLOX game does not indiscriminately, everyone is entitled to play without any age limit.

From children to adults are also there playing this Roblox, but the average fans this game is the children. For you women also should really play ROBLOX like this girl who called as LDShadowLady.

Over time, the Roblox players is increasing more and more… and between them ask to the Roblox developer about the making roblox games for mobile users. The Roblox developer finally received the request by creating and opening Roblox games for android devices. So now it have been available on Google PlayStore.


Before play Roblox on android I tell you that this game is online based. Just as we play roblox games on the computer in a state that requires you online or connected to the internet. So first make your android device must be connected to the internet.

Here’s How to Play Roblox Games through Android

1. Download and install the ROBLOX app from Android Play Store or on other market.

2. Once the application is installed on your android then open up the Roblox game. When you first play this game you will be asked to log in or register an account. For those of you who ever played it on the computer or already have an account you can login to your account instantly.

3. Furthermore, you can play roblox as much in the version of android. The most striking difference between on android device with a computer is in terms of looks. If we usually play roblox on a computer with a display that is big enough, but not as big as in the android like in the video above.

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