Funny Roblox Catalog Glitch

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Sir, just see this! the funniest glitch in Roblox that awesome for your catalog. Every Roblox player I think is very keen to have this glasses, Eye Snake Shades (R$1) is very rare and limited item so it is difficult to buy it..but I just own it as a TBC member.

Eye Snake Shades roblox

In the past there was also a rare item that is hard to get by everyone and so do I, but it is available for sale. Do you still remember with Riptide? It could happen there might be an error on Roblox system, preferably if it happens again please report it to the Roblox Admins to be fixed soon.

My friend “phramed” very upset and he sold his 4 items only R $1 each for feeling aggrieved can not profit from the sale.

Funny Roblox Catalog Glitch1 Funny Roblox Catalog Glitch2

The original selling price was not as cheap as it is, does not make sense if only R $1. It just ERROR bro !!! He sold lower than R$100, what happens is a glitch so Robloxians in the forums angry at phramed and do not want to buy that cheaply hat. Pity for many who accused him of a hacker and reported him to admin.

Funny Roblox Catalog Glitch 3 Funny Roblox Catalog Glitch 4

Furthermore, after the error is fixed there are four lucky guys who can buy that shades at a bargain price for R$1, I was among those lucky.

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